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The following is copied and pasted from a private group I participate in, devoted to Home Education. What I’m sharing in our testimony does not directly relate to home schooling, but rather, to the lifestyle of faith. I know you will be blessed by it. Out of consideration to the other participants, I have not included their comments. (more…)


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The question of the ages continues to be, ‘who am I’ and ‘what is life all about’? Especially in troublesome times, when life seems like a hurricane, whirling around us, threatening us, and damaging us.

I’ve come to realize that this is inheritant in all people and can only be answered as each one comes individually into their spiritual place with the Most High God, our Creator.

God has a plan for each one of us, a plan that is good. For our good but also for the good of those around us. Each one of us has a purpose that extends far beyond the ‘self’ to the realms of mankind. Each one of us doing our part, makes the whole world a better place.

The only answer to who we are, is found in the personal relationship we have with Jesus, Savior of the world.

The source for knowledge about life is only found in our daily walk with Him. There is a point and a purpose to our lives, that does not automatically happen. It is only when we are properly aligned and in unity with God, that our purpose–our destiny–is discovered and fulfilled.

Questions have answers. With the answers to these questions, we are on track to live content, fulfilled, useful, and productive lives that achieve peace, balance, harmony, and joy with our Creator and with others around us.

May you find the path that leads to your salvation and walk on it with confidence, stability, and peace.

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Cooperating with God is love in motion. God is love. We are His children, thus, children of love. We too are love. When we are cooperating with God, the powerful force of love accomplishes great things! His love in us, by the presence and guidance of His Spirit, produces the fruit of love.

Read Philippians chapter 1, verses 9,10, and 11 with cooperation in mind, rather than having to obey a set of rules. Light in our hearts changes our attitude and perception of living life abundantly!

May your path be smooth, each step empowered, as you walk in the Light.

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Perfect Vision

Unleashing the Power of Your Royal Sonship

Authored by Damon Banks

In Perfect Vision, author Damon Banks, plunges you into an untainted, unreligious view of your born-again identity in Christ. He biblically establishes your position in God and in a practical way empowers you to walk as Jesus walks. Unapologetically, he leads you into your full potential in God.

You will discover:
Your true identity in Christ.
How to break free of religious mindsets.
The vast glories of being a child of God.
How to access God’s limitless resources.
How to operate in God’s power in order to change the world.

Dare to cross the threshold into your full identity. Are you ready to remove the false humility, to tear away from your old nature? Are you prepared to energize yourself with the immeasurable splendors of the life of God?

Jesus Christ must become your PERFECT VISION.


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I always enjoy this quiet reprieve of time from the Thanksgiving holiday till now. After Christmas officially ends is when I usually have time to reflect and ponder the blessings and goodness of life that is rarely afforded when my focus is on making the holidays bright for everyone else!

Today I’ve enjoyed putting together a hearty soup without the pressure of 1001 other things vying for my attention. I find my thoughts are pleasant ones as I’m chopping celery and carrots, and delighting in the wonderful aroma of cooking butter, onions, and garlic on the stove.

I’m giving thanks for my great kids — adults now but always my kids. It’s not what they are doing for me that stirs my appreciation, but rather, who they are and the fantastic ways they are giving to others, that makes my heart swell.

Then my thoughts turn toward the people I hold so dear to me around the world. From the survivors of the Tsunami to the survivors of the Haitian earthquake, I say a prayer for these people who I know are still struggling each and everyday. How do they do it? Do they have any hope for better days? I shake my head with the overwhelming knowledge that for most, unfortunately, that answer is “no”. Only those that have learned to put their trust and confidence in God are the ones who have any sort of peace in their hearts. Oh that I may be a greater influence and teacher to them. A better friend who encourages them to leave the ruts of mainstream culture and dare to look to the One Who is their only hope!

I think of acquaintances who recently lost everything in a house fire. Here they are, 3 weeks later, with a nice home to live in, new clothes, furniture, and all the comforts of home. How easy it is to recover in America. I realize of course that they lost possessions that were irreplaceable and invaluable to them–but their recovery of the essentials for living in comfort were quickly attended to by their church, friends, and the Red Cross. How very, very different it is in the third-world countries where devastation is devastation for years, if not for life.

So I’m ending this year with a heart of gratitude for being able to live in this God blessed country of ours. For all that’s wrong, there are millions of things–namely people–that are right! A nation who’s God is our God, is a nation that will always come out on top!

Happy New Year everyone! May you too find some time this week to pause and ponder the good things in your life. And give some thought and action toward helping others. It takes so little to do so much!

Which is why our motto is; “Healing This Broken World, One Life at a Time”

PS if you need some ideas, just ask — I’m glad to offer some!

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The colors of Christmas

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