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We spend our years as a tale to tell. Every one of us has stories we should pass along to our children. Valuable lessons can be taught through the experiences of our lives.

Parents are the single greatest influence to their kids. Our kids idolize us when they are little, and there is no better time to capitalize on this power to help them learn and grow. Teaching through our experiences demonstrates how to work and deal with life. Our words paint stories in our children’s minds and as we talk they use their imaginations to picture what we’re describing. Lessons for life are everywhere. The more you attempt to access this vault of wisdom gained from your past, to relate the stories to your children, the more you’ll find you have to tell. (more…)


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The following is copied and pasted from a private group I participate in, devoted to Home Education. What I’m sharing in our testimony does not directly relate to home schooling, but rather, to the lifestyle of faith. I know you will be blessed by it. Out of consideration to the other participants, I have not included their comments. (more…)

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Perfect Vision

Unleashing the Power of Your Royal Sonship

Authored by Damon Banks

In Perfect Vision, author Damon Banks, plunges you into an untainted, unreligious view of your born-again identity in Christ. He biblically establishes your position in God and in a practical way empowers you to walk as Jesus walks. Unapologetically, he leads you into your full potential in God.

You will discover:
Your true identity in Christ.
How to break free of religious mindsets.
The vast glories of being a child of God.
How to access God’s limitless resources.
How to operate in God’s power in order to change the world.

Dare to cross the threshold into your full identity. Are you ready to remove the false humility, to tear away from your old nature? Are you prepared to energize yourself with the immeasurable splendors of the life of God?

Jesus Christ must become your PERFECT VISION.


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These articles were written to help parents be proactive in their family’s health by promoting awareness. Protecting our kids in the foods they eat is equally important to the other ways we teach awareness. Just as you wouldn’t let your children walk through a dangerous neighborhood at 11 pm – neither should you let them choose snack and junk foods in the dangerous aisle at the grocery store. You wouldn’t let your eleven-year-old take a joy ride with his friends in the family car, yet its just as dangerous if you’re letting them make their own eating decisions.

The stats we’ve shown have proven that our society is doing something fundamentally wrong. Who’s watching out for your kid’s health? Unfortunately the FDA IS the food industry—and they look out for their own. Big brands carry a powerful influence. Labeling is a disgrace. “Low fat” is a joke. (more…)

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Because we  really do care about you and your family, we are devoting 3-issues of our magazine to offering you information and solutions that are practical, affordable, and do-able help. If you’ll let us, we’ll help you by providing real time, real life, and totally achievable changes that YOU can do!

But here’s the reality based on real people living in the United States; Forty-Two Americans die every hour due to their poor food choices. If forty-two people were killed in a single incident, the story would make the front-page news. But because this cause of death is so repetitious the startling and horrific news so common, that its impact is minimal. The fact that forty-two people left behind a spouse, children, friends, etc. this past hour goes unnoticed except by those immediately impacted. There are forty-two new funerals being planned in the last hour. What a senseless a waste of lives!

Everyday most American families take a daily dose of sorrow, shame, pain, and pre-mature death. How quickly the symptoms show themselves isn’t the question—its not will they, its WHEN will they. Being overweight, obese, and malnourished is living life as a walking time bomb.

A cure for HIV/aids isn’t discovered yet. But the cure for diabetes, heart disease and most cancers is already known. Diets can radically change–even reverse the effects of damage from the foods we’ve eaten. It’s a fact—eat well and live longer. (more…)

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What’s on your resolution list this year? (Pretty much the same things as last year?) The expression my grandpa often made truly applies in all areas of our lives where we want and need changes made…eating that big old elephant one bite at a time! So often the problems that need changed are so huge and overwhelming that we feel helpless to tackle. If you HAD to eat an elephant, you’re going to accomplish it one little bite at a time, over, and over, and over again. That helps me understand that my problems are more manageable and within my ability to deal with if I don’t focus on the enormity of them but rather, what can I do daily, even three times a day, that will whittle down the problem until its gone.

Would you consciously eat rat poison? Would you deliberately add formaldehyde to your beverage? Of course not! You understand the consequences of suffering and death—even a painful death.

Are you worried about violent crime or the dangers of catching the wrong strain of the flu? Do you do everything you reasonably can to protect your family from dangers?

For most of us, living pro-active is normal—we want to avoid danger, pain, and premature death. As parents we strive to provide our children with every available advantage in life—from extra-curricular activities in school, church, and community to education development. We’re quick to remove poisons from under the counters in our homes when we’ve got toddlers underfoot. We’re quick to lock up guns to keep foolish adolescents from having accidents with them. We teach our kids to look both ways before crossing the street and of the dangers of talking to strangers.

Would it surprise you then, to hear that the number one threat to your family—that the gravest danger your family faces and the most likely form of pain, suffering, and even death have NOTHING to do with accidents or bad people?


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